CANAL 22 (Mexico)   

During May, 2015, Cuatro Corridos was filmed for broadcast on CANAL 22, Mexico's cultural television channel.  The film has been broadcast nationally and internationally since its premiere in September 2015.  If you would like to view the entire broadcast, contact us.  Four excerpts from the broadcast arebelow.

Azucena (excerpt) Scene One  
Music by Hebert Vazquez

The first of the four corridos belongs to Azucena, a young woman who has been trafficked across the Mexican border to serve as a prostitute for migrant workers in the strawberry fields north of San Diego.  She talks about being loaded into trucks with the others at the end of a day, to sleep with her hands tied.  In this audio excerpt, she describes her situation as she suffers at the hands of her countrymen.  She also recalls her father's words to her, before she made the journey across the border.   

The miserable Mexican wetbacks
working from twilight to twilight;
and we were more miserable still
when they pricked and punctured us.

"Thus has it ever been, my daughter,
for as long as I can recall:
girls in their springtime bought and sold
to appease men’s hunger and lust."


Rose (excerpt) Scene Three
Music by Lei Liang

The third scene belongs to Rose, a Mexican-American policewoman who is reading a statement to the press about the capture and arrest of the Salazar Juarez trafficking ring.  Rose begins by stating the facts of the case and describing the raid in which she and her fellow officers liberated nineteen Mexican women.  But as she continues, she begins to challenge and question her listeners.  in this excerpt, she says:

We are currently questioning them.
Half-naked, beaten, and hungry,
subjected to every outrage

by the Salazar Juárez brothers,
by other illegal Mexicans
by their fathers and their brothers,
who should have protected them.

Dalia (excerpt) Scene Two, Cuatro Corridos
Music by Arlene Sierra

Dalia, the wife of one of the Salazar Brothers, has second of the four corridos.  Once trafficked herself, she has spent years helping them in their trafficking operation.  She is being held by the police and asked to tell her story.  She tells them that she knows she will go to hell for what she's done, but that she was once one of those girls.  In this excerpt she talks about her husband Lucho and how she began helping him to trafficking young women.

May the bastard rest in peace:
He saved me from dying a whore.

He told me to just keep quiet
to do as he said, when he said.
I really don’t know if I loved him,
but at least he never beat me,

unless he was loaded of course.
I soon understood the business
even better than he and his brothers.
I organized all the transport:

the girls from Tenancingo,
whose mothers entrusted them to me:
“Let’em come to the US of A
I’ll take care of ’em for you there.”

Violeta - La tierra de le miel (excerpt)  Scene Four       Music by Hilda Paredes

In the last of the four corridos, the narrator tells the story of Violeta, a very young woman from Mexico who was trafficked along with the others. She tells the story of her friend Iris, who came with her from Mexico. In this excerpt, she describes her friend and the simple life they led in Mexico.

Iris had not yet turned twenty,
she was slender, with big dark eyes,
she liked her chocolate and candies
and wandering off in the fields.

As the scene progresses, Violeta tells us that Iris could not endure "twenty bodies on her body". She ran and ran, as if the devil were within her - yet she was caught, in the end.

Cuatro Corridos at CENART   Press Coverage   Mexico City    May 2015