September 28, 2013    Casa de la Cultura,    Tijuana, B.C. Mexico

Forum on Human Trafficking  6 p.m.  September 28, 2013  

Cuatro Corridos had its  international premiere in Tijuana, B.C.  in September 2013.  It was presented with support from the MAP Fund and IMAC (Institute Municipale Arte y Cultura) and the Casa De La Cultura.  The performance was preceded by a public forum on human trafficking, held at the Casa De La Cultura, preceding the performance of the opera. 

The panelists included
    •    Walter H. Padilla Ramirez/Bi-national Liason of IMAC (moderator)
    •    Red Binational Corazones (Int'l Network of Hearts) - Alma Tucker, Manolo Guillen and “Rosa,”
    •    Groupa Apoyo - Yetzira Shandiel Alonso,
    •    Universidad Iberoamericana De Tijuana - Sara Amelia Espinosa

Critically acclaimed Tijuana filmmakers Miguel Buentrostro and Sergio Valdez created the following short film which summarizes the experience of the evening.

Public Forum Partners/Participants -

International Network of Hearts  San Diego-Tijuana

We are an international network that brings people together from diverse backgrounds to help restore the lives of victims of human trafficking.

We were founded in 2010 out of concerns about the human trafficking corridors between the U.S.-Mexico border, the busiest international border in the world. Our leadership includes a dynamic team with more than 15 years of experience handling human trafficking and sexual exploitation cases in the U.S. and in Mexico.

Our mission is to restore the lives of victims of human trafficking and prevent commercial sexual exploitation and forced labor through increased awareness, training, advocacy and collaboration at an interdisciplinary and international level.   Read more.