October 4, 2013   NasherSculpture Center   DallasTexas

Cuatro Corridos traveled to Dallas Texas for a performance at the Nasher Sculpture Center's critically acclaimed series Soundings: New Music at the Nasher, curated by Seth Knopp.  A public forum on human trafficking featuring Bill Bernstein and Tasha McGhie of Mosaic Family Services followed the performance.  The Dallas performance took Cuatro Corridos away from the geographic location in which the story is situated, yet it was clear that the opera maintained its relevance. 

The performance earned critical acclaim in D Magazine and Theater Jones and was named one of the top ten performances in Dallas for 2013.


Public Forum

Forum with Mosaic Family Services  8:30p.m.   Oct. 4, 2013   

Bill Bernstein and Tasha McGhie,  Mosaic Family Services Foundation

Susan Narucki, Pablo Gomez, Aleck Karis,  Ayano Kataoka,  Cuatro Corridos

Seth Knopp, Moderator

Bill Bernstein discuss the growing problem of human trafficking and the challenges that trafficking victims face.

To walk a mile in someone elses' shoes - Tashia McGhee talks about the magnitude and complexity of problems faced by women who are trafficked. 

Labor trafficking is an equally pernicious form of exploitation and needs to be addressed.  Here Bill Bernstein discusses the complexities of labor trafficking. 

One of the most frequently asked questions in our public forums is this: "Now that you have made us more aware, what would be the call to action?" With a problem of such magnitude, what can any one individual possibly do?

As our forum participants have well articulated, awareness can lead to action. Here, Bill Bernstein and Tasha McGhie (Mosaic Family Services Foundation,, Dallas TX) and Susan Narucki talk about some steps that ordinary citizens can take.

An audience member comments on the power of Cuatro Corridos.

Mosaic Family Services  Dallas, TX

We support, educate, and empower the multicultural individuals and families of North Texas  We are dedicated to serving survivors of human rights abuses from around the world and within our community. We create access to opportunities for our clients, empowering them toward independence. We hope to equip future leaders with the skills to impact their own diverse communities for a stronger, more vibrant North Texas.  Read More