Cuatro Corridos: Converging voices, uncertain journeys

Dear Friends,

This month, November 2016, has been a time of upheaval.  The election of the U.S. president has been full of divisive rhetoric.  All the new ways that we have in which to communicate with each other have not led us to understand one another. Things seem difficult, strange, cold.  But I take courage from the great faith I have in the human spirit - in our ability to heal the rifts that have been exposed and to continue to address critical human rights issues. Now more than ever, artists must be present.  We must bear witness. We cannot be silent.    

During this month, November 2016, Cuatro Corridos - our labor of love - has reached another project milestone: our recording has been released on Bridge Records.  I am pleased and proud of the efforts of my colleagues and friends and all who made the recording possible.  I feel an urgency to continue the type of work that we have started, now more than ever. 

Cuatro Corridos is a chamber opera and a project in which many lives and ideas intersect.  It speaks to tragic circumstances for which there are no easy solutions; it poses more questions than answers. It reflects the border that defines its story; in all of its complexity, it simply speaks about our time.