¡Welcome, Bienvenidos!

¡Welcome, Bienvenidos! to the Cuatro Corridos website. This project’s journey began nearly two years ago, when I was introduced to Jorge Volpi by my colleague, Pablo Gomez. We immediately recognized our shared interest in creating a project inspired by US/Mexico border issues.

I moved to San Diego from the East Coast in the autumn of 2008, after  joining the faculty of the UCSD. With its blazing light and bright blue sky, the city seemed limitless. But, how wrong I was! The border took over my psychic territory almost immediately. I became increasingly aware of its impact on the lives of people in ways I had not or could not have imagined. Jorge drew my attention to one of the most critical issues: human trafficking across the border. How strange, that in this city of endless light and sky, to become suddenly aware of the people invisible in the shadows.

Photo: Susan Narucki

Photo: Susan Narucki

Together, we developed the idea of creating a chamber opera based on the experiences of women affected by human trafficking in and around the modern day San Diego/Tijuana border region. We then assembled an amazing team of internationally renowned composers and performers to whom I remain eternally grateful. Through generous grants from UC MEXUS and the MAP Fund for the Performing Arts, we find ourselves at this point - at the true beginning of our journey to bring Cuatro Corridos to life. We invite you to journey with us.  

I would also like to express my gratitude to Yellow Barn for the opportunity to participate in their Artist Residency Program during March of 2013 which allowed Jorge, all four composers, and myself a week of intensive musical preparation amid the natural beauty of Putney, Vermont.

- Susan Narucki